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AB Vista ramps up gut health portfolio with natural resin acids product

A patented natural resin acids product supports gut integrity, helping producers mitigate the impact of different stress factors and improve animal productivity and resilience.

March 7, 2023

An innovative new natural anti-inflammatory product designed to enhance gut integrity and improve the performance of production animals is the latest addition to AB Vista’s expanding product portfolio, underlining its commitment to providing cutting-edge gut health solutions to the industry to reduce reliance on antibiotics.

Progres® is a patented natural resin acids product that supports gut integrity, helping producers mitigate the impact of different stress factors and improve animal productivity and resilience.

AB Vista is focused on developing its gut health product portfolio to support its customers in their journey toward more sustainable animal production. The acquisition of Progres®, a product originally developed by Finnish biosciences company Hankkija – is another step in this direction.

“Progres® is an exciting natural product based on strong research and scientific background that supports a more sustainable approach to animal production, so it fits well with our whole ethos at AB Vista,” explained AB Vista managing director, Juan Ignacio Fernández. “Adding Progres® to our portfolio expands the support we can provide nutritionists, veterinarians and production managers, looking for strategies and production programs that deliver improved gut health, nutritional optimization, and food safety and security. This acquisition also demonstrates our commitment to growing our offer into the wider additives market.”

The unique active compound in Progres® is natural resin acids derived from rosin, which protects coniferous trees – specifically spruce and pine. In Nordic countries, tree rosin has long been known for its anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties. Now, those same properties can be applied to farm animals.

Resin acids have a dual function in the animals’ intestinal tract. They protect the epithelial barrier by limiting the production of certain enzymes that can harm epithelial integrity and they also support the growth of beneficial microbiota in the intestine and reduce the growth of Gram-positive pathogens.

Although a plant-derived feed material, Progres® should not be confused with plant extracts and other phytogenic feed materials. The active compound of Progres® (resin acids) is known to be controlled during production and the mode of action of resin acids is well-researched. Furthermore, the active compound is non-volatile and stable, which makes Progres® an attractive option in compound feed production.

The mode of action (MOA) and performance effects of in-feed resin acids (Progres®) have been demonstrated in a ten-year research program in chickens, pigs, calves and aquaculture. Resin acids can reduce the negative effect of inflammation, and the unique ability of Progres® to enforce gut integrity by reducing the inflammation-induced degradation of collagen has been scientifically proven.