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DSM presents fillet color measurement tool

The tool is a portable and user-friendly device measuring the color of salmon fillets according to a numeric scoring system.

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March 30, 2023

Royal DSM unveiled a new technology, Digital SalmoFan™, to accurately measure fillet color throughout the entire value chain.

The Digital SalmoFan™ is a portable and user-friendly device measuring the color of salmon fillets according to a numeric scoring system. This innovation builds upon the DSM SalmoFan™ and SalmoFan™ Lineal – used today throughout the global salmon industry to measure fillet color— and brings globally accepted standard color metrics into the digital era.

The Digital SalmoFan™, which will be available to companies globally across the salmon industry value chain, from feed producers, and farmers, to processors, and retailers, further highlights DSM commitment as the industry leader in color measurement tools.

Innovative features of the Digital SalmoFan™ include:

  • Portable, compact, and easy to use. Fillet color can be measured consistently anywhere, without any light interference.
  • Objective and accurate: measurements strongly correlated to, and expressed as, a SalmoFan™ score - the globally accepted standard color metric.
  • Once connected with smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth, the Digital SalmoFan™ is simply placed on a sample fillet and ready to scan. A SalmoFan™ score appears on the screen.
  • The Digital SalmoFan™ app is an efficient way to gather, store and share the data collected from color measurements. Data are captured in standard spreadsheets for easy export into larger databases.

Fabio Cervellione, director nutrition & health solutions Aqua Global at G.O. Johnsen, said that “by introducing Digital SalmoFan™, DSM enables the entire value chain to measure fillet color (at scale) accurately and objectively. Farmers, feed producers, processors and retailers can now move their pigmentation programs into the digital era, optimizing color management and capturing greater value from fillet color.”

“In DSM, we are committed to unleashing the power of aquaculture by delivering innovative science-backed solutions for optimum nutrition and health. The Digital SalmoFan™ enables the industry to maximize the value of color providing a credible, reliable, and consistent reference point across the value chain,” said Benedict Standen, head of global aqua marketing at DSM.