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Goudsmit Magnetics redesigns its magnetic separator

The automatically cleanable magnet removes metal and stainless steel particles from powders and it can be used for large product flows.
Goudsmit Magnetics redesigns its magnetic separator
October 10, 2019


Goudsmit Magnetics of Waalre has redesigned its automatically cleanable Easy Clean flow magnet. This magnetic separator removes metal particles and weakly magnetic stainless steel particles from powders as fine as 30 µm in the food, chemical, ceramic and plastic industries.

The Easy Clean flow magnet is suitable for large product flows and has high magnetic flux density of over 12,000 gauss at the contact surface of the bars. These bars come into direct contact with the product and have a deeply penetrating magnetic field that effectively makes powders and granulates metal-free at high flow rates. The magnet is dustproof to an overpressure of 0.5 bar and has a simple electro-pneumatic controller. User-friendly cleaning requires 6 bar air and 24 VDC start signals.

The thick, Ø50 mm magnetic bars provide a very high separation yield, have a deep holding field and a high flux density to ensure that even grade 316 stainless steel particles are captured. To make sure that all particles touch the bars, a deflector is fitted. The large space between the bars results in a significant increase in the capacity of the passage, which is particularly beneficial when it comes to poorly flowing powders.

Cleaning takes place during a production stop. The product chute must be depressurized. The pneumatic magnetic bars simplify the cleaning process. The guide takes the magnetic bars outside the product channel, after which the magnets in the bars are blown outwards. A plate then retains the captured metal particles, after which they fall into a collection tray. Sensors detect the position of the magnets. After cleaning, the magnets return to their original position and the product flow can be restarted. With the help of a connection box, it is possible to connect and control the magnet via the central control room. A control box with PLC is optional. 

The modified design is dustproof towards the outside. At the top, a cover plate with gasket ensures that no product can escape to the outside. The side of the magnet has a standard terminal box which simplifies the connection of sensors and cables. Both sides are equipped with inspection hatches for maintenance.