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INVE launches range of Additives for Aquaculture

INVE Nutri-Ad has designed a completely new range of additives for the aquaculture industry

July 15, 2007

The additives for aquaculture are categorised into six programs. Each program focuses on specific problems one encounters when breeding aquatic species.

Performance Enhancement: Within this program, specific products are developed to improve feed utilization and animal performance. These include enzymes and emulsifiers. E.g. The product NUTRI-ZYM AQ is a carefully chosen mix of enzymes,  extremely useful as digestive aid in aquafeed with substantial amount of vegetable ingredients.

Preservation & Stabilisation: This program aims at maintaining nutritional and microbial quality of the feed ingredients and enhancing the shelf life of the end-product by applying antioxidants and mold-inhibitors. E.g. MOLD-NIL AQ is used for controlling molds, yeasts and undesirable bacteria in aquaculture feeds and feed raw materials, OXY-NIL is a range of anti-oxidants which positively influence health and animal performance by avoiding autoxidation of lipids, reduction of nutritional degradation of the feed and also avoiding oxidative stress in living tissues related to several metabolic diseases.

Health & Wellbeing: This program provides special products to support the animal’s health, such as immune-modulators, water quality enhancers and anti-microbial agents : e.g. NUCELL, a formulation containing free nucleotides from several nucleotide sources, promoting cell growth and cell regeneration. AQUA-SAP is a pure, cold pressed extract of the plant Yucca Schidigera, used for an improved water quality in shrimp culture tanks and ponds. IMMUNO-AID is a product line, established mainly for first-barrier defence in fish and shrimp.

Feed-Food safety: This program includes toxin-inactivators and antimicrobials. A range of liquid and dry products is designed for various applications going from storage facilities at feedmills or at the production plants to storage at the farm and feeding to the animal : e.g; TOXY-NIL AQ, a multifunctional combined product that absorbs, binds, captures and transforms a broad range of mycotoxins and pesticides. SALMO-NIL/BACTI-NIL is used for controlling harmful micro-organisms (Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter, etc) in aquaculture feedstuffs.

Production Aid: This program contains products such as pellet binders, attractants, and granulated minerals to improve the physical quality of feed pellets and to ensure the consistency and palatability of the final feed. E.g.NUTRI-BIND Aqua, a pellet binder which stabilizes feed pellets in watery environment, prevents leaching of nutrients, minimizes water pollution and ensures a consistent homogenous feed ration and nutritional value at the animal’s level. NUTRI-TRACK is a very efficient attractant for fish and shrimp.

Natural Alternatives: These products are totally based on natural ingredients, standardized and stabilized in micro-encapsulated form or dry granulated form. A product for tissue and skin pigmentation of fish and shrimp is still in development phase and not yet commercially available."


Els Vanden Berghe


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