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Kemin AquaScience unveils feed additive to support shrimp health in Asian countries

A phytogenic-based feed additive reduces the impact of parasitic infection and promotes hepatopancreatic health in shrimp.

April 17, 2023

Kemin Industries has launched Pathorol™, a shrimp supplementation product that improves the health of shrimp hepatopancreas, for customers in India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore.

For shrimp to thrive in a farm-pond setting, maintaining healthy digestive systems is a key component in supporting good shrimp husbandry. Multiple agents contribute to slow or stunted growth in shrimp. Supporting a healthy digestive system is part of a multi-faceted set of tools producers can use to support healthy growth rates in shrimp. By protecting the hepatopancreas and its role in the secretion of digestive enzymes, and absorption and storage of nutrients, producers can encourage healthy growth and yield outcomes in their shrimp ponds.

Pathorol, a patent-pending product, was developed to support a healthy hepatopancreas and digestive system for shrimp and aid in maintaining healthy shrimp throughout their growth cycle. Pathorol is a unique blend of phytogenic compounds that have been shown to enhance the performance and productivity of pond-raised shrimp. By adding Pathorol to shrimp feed, producers can improve feed digestibility and growth performance and reduce size variability.

“Growth performance and productivity are essential for successful shrimp farming,” said Leo Xie-Lei, president, Kemin AquaScience™. “To assist growers in overcoming challenges associated with maintaining healthy digestive systems throughout the growth cycle for farm-pond shrimp, we have launched Pathorol, an exceptional tool to aid in growth performance and reduce size variability for farm-pond shrimp. We believe the addition of Pathorol to shrimp diets will help producers achieve favorable performance parameters with their shrimp. We are thrilled to add this critical product to our portfolio, further showcasing our business unit’s commitment to serving the global aquaculture industry.”