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Meri-Bond Xtra now is now FUSION MBX

Meriden Animal Health Limited announced that Meri-Bond Xtra has been included in the Fusion Feed Safety Range and is now FUSION MBX
July 25, 2011

Fusion MBX is a toxin binder, ammonia binder and anti-caking agent with a very high cation exchange capacity (CEC).  It is suitable for use in all types of animal feed. Fusion MBX contains a extremely pure form of clinoptilolite, which is a zeolite naturally formed by the devitrification of volcanic ash in lakes and marine waters.

The main function of Fusion MBX is to bind aflatoxins.  In addition, it is effective at binding polar toxins such as Ergot Alkaloids, Fumonisin and Ochratoxin.

It has selective absorption.  It binds aflatoxins and ammonia efficiently and effectively whilst leaving behind the vitamins, minerals or other nutrients in the feed.  This is what is known as cation exchange.  It is this high cation exchange capacity of clinoptilolite that provides most of Fusion MBX's useful properties.

Fusion MBX joins Fusion +OS and Fusion DYAD in the Fusion Feed Safety Range.  More information about this product.