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Meriden introduces Orego-Stim AQUATRACT powder and liquid

Oregano product now available for fish and shrimp feeds in liquid and powder form
August 7, 2008

Meriden introduces Orego-Stim AQUATRACT powder and liquid

Orego-Stim, the benchmark product for phytobiotics developed after 20 years of research, was launched in 2000 for use in livestock animals such as pigs and poultry. Since then it has not only achieved global success in these markets but also pet markets where it is used in species such as ruminants, pigeons, caged birds and dogs.
Meriden has now developed two specific formulations for use in Aquaculture.

Orego-Stim AQUATRACT Liquid is most suited for use on extruded feeds.  Orego-Stim AQUATRACT Liquid must be diluted with fats so a coating can be sprayed onto the pellets post extrusion.

Orego-Stim AQUATRACT Powder will be of interest to end users at farm level, as this specific formula is intended for use not within a feed but as a powder to be coated onto a feed pellet at the time of feeding.

Orego-Stim is unique and is derived from Origanum aetheroleum from our exclusive natural oregano plantations.  This unique oil of oregano contains two very powerful natural phenols which have medicinal properties that benefit livestock. Trials have proven that Orego-Stim Aqua can provide many benefits that lead to supreme productivity and animal health, which in turn make better profits and a higher return on investment for the aquaculture producer.

For further information on Orego-Stim AQUATRACT please visit or talk to Dr Claire Yew at the 7th Symposium of World's Chinese Scientists on Nutrition and Feeding of Finfish and Shellfish, Beijing, September 20 – 24, 2008, who will be presenting a trial and technical paper, on behalf of Meriden Animal Health Limited.