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Pancosma develops a homogeneous combination of organic trace minerals

B-TRAXIM®ALL-IN-①, based on glycine and on a unique, patented technology, is a combination of different organic trace minerals that contains the same proportion of minerals in each particle.

Pancosma develops a homogeneous combination of organic trace minerals
Overlay of minerals identified within a B-TRAXIM® All-in-1 product. Each particle contains a combination of four different minerals at the exact same ratio.
December 19, 2019

One of the main challenges in feed production is the low inclusion of essential nutrients like minerals. This inclusion can be so low that distributed feed may not be homogenized and, as a result, animals won’t get all the nutrients they need.

Pancosma developed a new generation of multi-mineral products, B-TRAXIM® All-in-1, that provides higher homogeneity in feed. As with all products of the B-TRAXIM® range, the use of glycine as a ligand provides pure metal glycinates with high levels of trace elements that are easy to handle, dust-free and provide optimal distribution in premixes and feed. These criteria are important for the safety of operators and to optimize the quality of the product (limiting contamination, and providing better homogeneity of trace elements).

The company has performed trials in all animal species proving the superior bioavailability of glycine-bound metals vs inorganic minerals and other organic trace mineral sources and demonstrating the stability of the organic bond at different pH.

The company uses the ISO-FUSION® technology (IFT®) that ensures that every particle contains a combination of various minerals in the exact same ratio, enabling perfect distribution and homogeneity in premixes and feed.

In collaboration with the research and technology organization CSEM that is located in Switzerland, it was possible to identify the four minerals (Cu, Fe, Mn, Zn) in one of B-TRAXIM® All-in-1 particle using powder X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy associated with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (SEM-EDX). The main photo shows the presence of all minerals in all particles and their homogeneity within each particle. A series of tests based on the coefficient of variation also showed lower deviation to the mean with B-TRAXIM® All-in-1 products compared to traditional blends.

While suitable for all species, B-TRAXIM® All-in-1 is particularly suited to breeding and slaughter yields in poultry, promotes immune response and increases milk quality in ruminants and ensures better bioavailability of metals in other species, such as fish and horses.

PANCOSMA offers standard B-TRAXIM® All-in-1 products developed for specific species, but also customized All-in-1 solutions through the B-TRAXIM® “Just 4 you” line.