New Products

Phodé reinforces its range of aquafeed additives

The company added three new products to its range of aquaculture products to support animal welfare and performance in aquaculture.

olpheel eat
July 27, 2023

After launching its new Olpheel range dedicated to shrimp and fish farming in 2022, Phodé has presented three new aquaculture products this year, aiming to manage different issues.

Olpheel Zen is a sensory solution mainly composed of plant extracts allowing a state of well-being in fish. Olpheel Zen active ingredients reinforce animal resilience during acute and chronic stressful situations like transport, handling, or sampling for example.

Olpheel Anti-Ox is an antioxidant of 100% natural origin made from grape extracts. It is a powerful antioxidant that can support antioxidant status and improve aquafeed life span, pigmentation strategy, and animal performance during oxidative stress.

Olpheel Eat is a neurosensory solution composed of selected attractive and botanical compounds to stimulate feed intake. Olpheel Eat improves consumption of feed including low palatability feeds, resulting in better feed intake, biomass, and size homogeneity in shrimp ponds.

The Olpheel range, developed to support animal welfare and performance in aquaculture, is aiming at challenges such as stimulating appetite and feed intake, the management of stress impacts, and supporting the animals’ natural defenses and metabolism.

Phodé Laboratories, a French company dedicated to animal well-being and performance and known for its neurosensorial solutions, are experts in plant extracts and olfaction–brain–gut interactions.