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Software Updates Improve Continuous Monitor

Feed Smart Software Adds Flexibility
Software Updates Improve Continuous Monitor
October 24, 2007

Software Updates Improve Continuous Monitor



The YSI 5200 continuous multiparameter monitor measures dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, ORP, conductivity, and salinity. Designed specifically for aquaculture systems, the 5200 and AquaManager software efficiently integrates water quality control, feeding, alarming, lighting and data management into one product.


The new conditional feed timer, Feed Smart software, manages feed delivery based on user-selectable inputs for the number of daily feedings, daily feed weights, total biomass and feed conversion ratios (FCRs).


Biomass and feed amounts are automatically recalculated daily. By integrating water quality data, the feed control can eliminate excess feeding when water quality conditions aren’t optimal, saving money on food costs. The 5200 Feed Smart software can be used with any powered feeder.


Additional updates expand your capabilities:

Connect any 0-1 VDC, 0-5 VDC, or 4-20 mA analog sensor to the 5200’s auxiliary input and readings can be used for alarming and control and can be displayed in standard units of measure - examples include light sensors to measure photo-period, TGP sensors, level sensors, and pressure gauges;

RS-485 communication enhancements enable faster, more reliable data transfer;

AquaManager desktop software enhancements include better mapping. Mapping allows for easy graphic representation of each facility using actual pictures or drawings and the ability to place data points on the desired screen.


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