New Products

Vertical Pulverizer with automatic control syste, from Idah

Idah will launch a new vertical pulverizer at VIV Asia, taking place in Bangkok, March 13-15, 2013
March 6, 2013

Idah will launch a new vertical pulverizer at VIV Asia as well as other key equipment

The raw material is transported evenly to the frinding chamber by screw feeder. The high speed rotating hammer forces the material through Impaction friction, extrusion and shearing stress to reduce the particle size. The fine particles are blow up by the air flow and classifiedby the air separator. Large particles are returned to the grinding chamber to be reground. The grinder is silent thanks to a muffler box.


Fineness:  60~90 mesh 

No-screen design (no screen costs or blocking problems) 

Low temperature during grinding 

Tooth liner is separable and replaceable 

Air separator: even, practical size 

Removal of impure material by gravity 

Optional hydraulic pressure cover system 

Other machinery launched by Idah in 2013 include a long term pre-conditioner for shrimp feed, a vertical post-conditioner for shrimp feed and a hammer mill with gravity separator.  

You can visit Idah on booth H104.E059 at VIV Asia.