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350PPM Biotech succeeds in testing SCPs in aquafeeds

The protein-based ingredient, produced by a marine bacterium that feeds exclusively on CO2 and uses hydrogen as an energy source, was tested in salmon and shrimp.


February 6, 2023

Biotechnology company, 350PPM Biotech, unveiled that its first single-cell-based ingredient, Marinin®, has been successfully tested in aquafeeds as a fishmeal and soy replacement. This was the result of several weeks of feeding trials on salmon and shrimp conducted by Pontus Research (UK).

Marinin® is produced by a marine bacterium that feeds exclusively on CO2 and uses hydrogen as an energy source. The company is currently planning to build a pilot plant in Sines, Portugal, which will use CO2 from its partner Maiken Foods' land-based fish farm to produce Marinin®. As a next step, 350 PPM will build an industrial plant in the Portuguese port city to help close the protein gap.

“As a world first, we have shown that our product can almost completely replace fishmeal and soy, the most ecologically questionable ingredients in fish feed. Instead of overfishing the oceans, fish and shrimp could be farmed on land without using the controversial bycatch,” said Erwin Jurtschitsch, CEO and co-founder of 350PPM Biotech.

“Our approach is sustainable in many ways,” said Ludger Weß, CSO and co-founder of 350PPM Biotech. “We use CO2 from man-made sources and hydrogen generated with green electricity. Our process requires virtually no land and little water and can produce feed completely independent of season, weather and climate. In addition, we leave no harmful residues.”

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