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BASF, MSD join the Sustainable Shrimp Partnership

This alliance aims to combine expertise, networks and innovative resources to promote sustainable shrimp production practices and lead the change towards sustainable production.

Source: The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership
February 6, 2024

The Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) unveiled the incorporation of BASF and MSD Animal Health joining the initiative as associate members, in a collaborative mission of transforming the aquaculture industry into one more responsible for both people and the environment.

“SSP is excited to welcome BASF and MSD as our newest associate members. By integrating their unique perspectives and strong commitment to sustainability, we believe that this partnership will not only elevate the standards of our industry but also pave the way for a comprehensive transformation across the entire production chain. We look forward to the positive impact our joint efforts will bring,” said Pamela Nath, director of SSP.

This alliance aims to combine expertise, networks and innovative resources to promote sustainable shrimp production practices and lead the change towards sustainable production along every stage of the value chain. “Collaboration and transparency among all stakeholders in the shrimp production process, such as suppliers, retailers, academic institutions, and NGOs, are essential to improve the sustainability of the global shrimp aquaculture industry,” added Nath.

María Isabel Álvarez, general manager at BASF Ecuatoriana, expresses BASF’s dedication, goals, and vision for contributing to a more sustainable and responsible shrimp aquaculture industry through their partnership with the SSP. “As proud members of SSP, we are deeply committed to achieving positive changes in the shrimp aquaculture industry. BASF Ecuatoriana aims to drive innovation, share knowledge in the chemistry industry, and actively contribute to the development of sustainable practices and sustainable products. Through this partnership, we anticipate not only setting new benchmarks in shrimp production but also creating lasting positive impacts on both the industry and the ecosystems it supports. We look forward to this journey with SSP, as we work towards a future where responsible and sustainable shrimp aquaculture is the goal for all to achieve,” said Álvarez.

Similarly, MSD Animal Health shares the vision of ensuring a safe, responsible and healthy future for the planet and generations to come. “Being part of the SSP is a valuable opportunity for MSD Animal Health, as it will allow us to collaborate closely with shrimp producers to offer comprehensive solutions that support sustainable growth in production. Through this partnership, we will actively contribute to the future of animal health and well-being by applying science, technology, and data-driven solutions that strengthen decision-making. Our goal is to promote transparency and efficiency at every stage of the supply chain,” stated Leonardo Cericato, associate director of Global Marketing Aquaculture at MSD Animal Health.

BASF and MSD Animal Health join the list of companies that support the mission of the SSP of elevating the standards of shrimp Aquaculture worldwide. Associate members also include BioMar, dsm-firmenich, Inve Aquaculture, Houdek-Prairie AquaTech, Skretting, and Vitapro.