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Devenish expands international aquaculture team

Antonios Chalaris was appointed as aqua business development manager to spearhead sales growth and foster relationships with new and existing customers in the aqua division.

Antonios Chalaris
Antonios Chalaris
August 2, 2023

Global agri technology company Devenish has expanded its international aquaculture team with the appointment of Antonios Chalaris as aqua business development manager.

Headquartered in the UK and trading in over 40 countries, Devenish is recognized as a leading provider of animal nutrition solutions including premix and feed additives that are designed to improve both animal and human health. With over 70 years of experience in the pig, poultry, ruminant and companion sectors, the company has recently expanded into the aquaculture market.

Antonios Chalaris joins Devenish from a global aquaculture business where he was a product manager. He has over 13 years of commercial and R&D aquaculture experience in fish hatchery production and the development of fish feeds across the UK and internationally.

A key part of Devenish’s growing aqua division, Antonios will be responsible for spearheading sales growth and fostering relationships with new and existing customers in the aqua division. He will be supported by the wider Devenish international and technical teams.

Managing director of Devenish International, Ian Atterbury, explained that “aquaculture is the fastest-growing food system in the world, and with the global population rapidly increasing, the need for nutritious and sustainably produced food is greater than ever. It represents a huge opportunity for Devenish as we have a number of core technologies and products that can be adapted for the aquaculture market.”

“As a research-led business, Devenish has a portfolio of exciting innovations for aqua application, proven in trials completed with some of Europe’s most respected aquaculture research facilities. I am very pleased to welcome Antonios to the team, with his technical expertise and commercial experience, he will be well placed to grow our business in the aqua sector,” Atterbury said.

“The aqua sector is a relatively young industry with huge potential and opportunities to learn from the terrestrial farming industry. Devenish has a wealth of experience and expertise to contribute to the sustainable development of the aquaculture sector and I am looking forward to growing the aquaculture division within the business,” said Chalaris.

Devenish places sustainability at the heart of its business and is focused on creating products and services that help reduce the agriculture sector’s impact on the environment, while improving producer efficiency and improving animal welfare.