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Feed additives manufacturer opens affiliate in Latin America

NUQO established its affiliate in Mexico to promote and distribute its range of feed additives in the country and several surrounding countries.

From left to right: Manuel Soto, general manager, Alan Lara Hernandez, sales manager, and Claudia Flores Luna, back-office manager, of NUQO Mexico.
May 31, 2023

NUQO has announced the creation of its affiliate in Mexico, NUQO Feed Additives Mexico, to promote and distribute its range of feed additives in the country and several surrounding countries. The creation of NUQO Mexico is driven by the company’s strategic plan to implement the best high-performance network and further expand its activities in Europe and globally.

NUQO is a leading company in the space of micro-encapsulated phytogenics (metabolites from plants) and has also created unique expertise in the field of phycogenics (metabolites from seaweed). NUQO also developed some advanced intake enhancers and flavors thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. The company’s technologies are designed to specifically release active molecules in the digestive tract of animals, for optimal efficacy, thanks to its knowledge and its network of production facilities. Besides, NUQO has built an extensive network with partners and universities to drive its innovation pipeline.

“NUQO’s technologies are gaining traction in Europe but also in Southeast Asia and other regions of the globe. Now, the addition of Mexico with a dedicated team will help to reach more producers,” said Ewenn Helary, CEO of NUQO. “Besides that, we hope to further strengthen our development in the Latam region in the future, and Mexico is giving us valuable anchoring to do just that.”

According to Guillaume Etave, commercial director at NUQO, “transparency is key in partnerships. NUQO gives insight into the used bioactive ingredients and technology to ensure that our customers’ R&D managers and nutritionists have the best tools at their disposal to formulate effective feed solutions that increase performance and animal well-being. We strongly believe in this approach of full transparency, and it shows the good fit between our companies on values, capabilities, and expertise. We are very enthusiastic about bringing this new partnership to its full potential.”

With around 40 years of experience in the market of animal nutrition, Manuel Soto will act as general manager of NUQO Mexico. Soto brings his expertise in animal nutrition and a vast knowledge of the Mexican market. “I'm delighted to be part of the NUQO team. I believe we have a talented and friendly group of professionals who have consistently demonstrated their ability to deliver high-quality products. Moreover, they have also introduced innovative and unique technologies that effectively meet market demands."

In this new endeavor, Soto will be supported by two new colleagues: Alan Lara Hernandez, who will serve as the sales manager, and Claudia Flores Luna, who recently joined as the back-office manager for NUQO Mexico. The newly formed team is already fully operational and diligently working towards achieving success.