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Scoular highlights carbon savings and responsible product sourcing in its sustainability report

Key progress includes an updated sustainability leadership structure and an established baseline carbon footprint, among others.

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November 29, 2023

Scoular released its third annual sustainability report, which highlights progress across the company’s five sustainability pillars.

Key progress includes an updated sustainability leadership structure, an established baseline carbon footprint, the growth of the impact of the company’s employee volunteerism, and the addition of a fourth employee resource group, Scoular Emerging Leaders Organization, or SELO.

“As transparency and sustainability practices evolve, our strategy enables Scoular to provide unique solutions to decarbonize our planet and support the people and communities where we operate,” said Scoular CEO, Paul Maass. “We are excited about the challenge to innovate throughout our industry to positively shape the future.”

The report outlines Scoular’s progress from June 2022 to May 2023 on each sustainability pillar, including reducing carbon footprint. Scoular’s newly announced sustainability showcase hub at its facility in Adrian, Missouri, includes, among other advancements, variable frequency drive technology for bunker fans. The technology reduces motor speeds based on wind speed readings, reducing site electricity use by more than 55%.

The report also highlights fostering responsible product sourcing. Scoular has established a structure for a regenerative agriculture program that prioritizes soil health practices, with valuable feedback from its new Farm Advisory Roundtable Member (FARM) group.  

The company also upholded workplace health and safety, promoted diversity and inclusion, and engaged in its communities awarding 240 grants to 170 organizations.

“Scoular is dedicated to creating custom sustainability solutions across our business units. As customer requests increase, we will continue to scale our sustainability offerings. I am confident that demands in the market will help us foster innovation and raise the bar on our own commitments,” said Kate Pitschka, Scoular’s Corporate Sustainability manager.

Download the report here.