Sumitomo tests the impact of BSF meal on sensory characteristics of shrimp

The corporation, together with Nutrition Technologies, found a more pleasant taste with a pronounced umami flavor in shrimp fed with insect meal.

Boiled shrimp platter A_B
Boiled shrimp (full platter): Group A and Group B. Credits: Sumitomo Corporation
January 11, 2024

Sumitomo Corporation, in collaboration with Nutrition Technologies, conducted a series of trials in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on the effect of Hi.Protein® (BSF meal) on growth performance and disease resistance of barramundi (Lates calcarifer) and whiteleg shrimp (L. vannamei). Additionally, a sensory test was conducted utilizing trial shrimp to evaluate the impact of including Hi.Protein® in feed on shrimp meat flavor.

Businesses along the aquaculture value chain, from feed manufacturers to restaurant owners, gathered for the trial results presentation and the blind sensory test. The shrimp were separated into two groups: Group A consisted of shrimp fed with feed containing 10% Hi.Protein® and Group B consisted of shrimp fed with commercial feed. Shrimp were cooked in a commercial kitchen in a variety of styles, including boiled, fried, tempura and shrimp balls.

Participants indicated their preference for Group A or Group B against a list of parameters including taste, texture, color and smell. Sixteen out of 19 participants on the sensory evaluation panel preferred shrimp in Group A (fed on 10% Hi.Protein®) to Group B. The insect-fed shrimp had a bouncier texture, larger size and an overall more pleasant taste with a pronounced umami flavor.

The results are very promising to Sumitomo Corporation, which invested in Nutrition Technologies in October 2022, and to Nick Piggott, co-CEO of Nutrition Technologies, who said that “previous trials have proven the positive impact BSF meal has on growth parameters and FCR in aquaculture. This is the first time that the flavor profile of BSF-fed shrimp has been tested. It is very encouraging to know that the benefits of including BSF meal in the diet of shrimp can be enjoyed by multiple stakeholders along the value chain, all the way to the consumers buying the better tasting shrimp.”

Sumitomo Corporation, which has exclusive distribution rights for Nutrition Technologies’ products in Japan, intends to further research into how insect protein affects the amino acid and nucleic acid composition in shrimp meat and ultimately, its impact on taste and texture. With the increasingly unstable global supply of fishmeal, Sumitomo hopes to contribute to the sustainability of the aquaculture industry by developing a steady supply of insect-containing feed.