Algae-fed trout are now available in French supermarkets

Skretting and Veramaris help Supermarché Match drive sustainable seafood category with trout launch, after 12% growth success in salmon.

Algae-fed trout are now available in French supermarkets
February 19, 2020

Trout produced by Truite Service, fed with a pioneering Skretting diet that incorporates an algal oil developed by Veramaris, arrived on retail shelves in France this week, progressing sustainable seafood availability in the market to a new level. This trout diet is the latest in a succession of collaborations between the two companies. In 2019, they made waves when salmon raised on a similar diet were first made available to French consumers by retailer Supermarché Match.

In addition to meeting consumer expectations for responsibly produced food, this proven new approach to aquaculture diets is also responsible for generating increased sales, with Supermarché Match recently reporting a 12% growth in its salmon category following the launch of salmon from Norwegian farmer Lingalaks, fed Skretting’s aforementioned salmon diet.

“We are very happy to see Truite Service seizing on the opportunity to introduce our first-to-market diet. It’s also extremely pleasing that retailers are on board in this supply chain,” said Elodie Petit, marketing manager at Skretting France. “These new feeds are the result of decades of R&D by Skretting, and to secure such strong market support is a further demonstration that our long-term commitment to innovation is paying dividends for our value chain partners.”

As well as enabling trout farmers to achieve high levels of fish growth and performance, the new diet reduces some of the burden placed on the finite fish oil resource. Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, the algal oil complements the feed’s other beneficial, responsibly-sourced ingredients, providing the opportunity to supply end-consumers with healthy and sustainable seafood products. “With the well-known benefits of eating a diet rich in omega-3s, the alternative source that we provide complements the finite supply of fish oil from wild-caught fish, and trout and salmon consumers have access to sustainable and healthy fish,” said Gaëlle Husser, global business development director at Veramaris.

In addition, through using these products, Truite Service has not only shown a strong dedication to the development of sustainable French aquaculture, but has also benefited from increased sales. The supply chain partners are committed to continue working to ensure a sustainable future together. “Aquaculture is ideally placed to provide consumers everywhere with highly nutritious, healthy protein. This latest initiative also recognizes how important it is that people have access to fish produced with minimal environmental or social impacts,” said Husser.