Skretting signs long-term contract with halibut farm

The company signed a three-year aquafeed contract with Nordic Halibut and both companies are currently working on the next generation of halibut feed.

March 2, 2023

Nordic Halibut signed a three-year contract with Skretting to supply halibut feeds. The agreed collaboration ensures stability and predictability for feed supply to cover the company’s growth plan phase 1 of 4,500 tonnes HOG production in 2026.

Nordic Halibut has worked closely with Skretting over several years to develop sustainable products with precise nutrition that are specialized for halibut. The two companies are currently working on the next generation of halibut feed.

“We at Skretting are very happy about this long-term collaboration with Nordic Halibut. We have extensive experience with halibut feed, and now we will use our nutritional knowledge together with our extensive efforts for sustainability so that we can develop tomorrow’s halibut feed to be even more sustainable,” said Martin Davidsen, sales manager at Skretting Norway.

Nordic Halibut strives to sustain a high level of performance in the company’s ESG areas and establish ambitious ESG targets to maintain sustainable production and uplift local communities. Advantageously, Skretting’s production facility is located at Averøy, near Nordic Halibut’s core production hub at Nordmøre contributing to minimizing supply risk and reducing the environmental impact of transportation.

“We believe that long-term cooperation is fundamental to achieving sustainable development. Working closely with Skretting will help us optimize the feed so that we can offer a premium quality product with a minimal footprint. Their ambitions in terms of quality and sustainability reflect ours, and therefore we choose to enter a new three-year partnership that ensures sufficient high-quality feed supply towards our production targets in 2026,” said CEO Edvard Henden.