Latin America

Chile - Cargill launched water quality analysis tool for fish farms

The new EWOS service, called Water CHECKER, monitors and compiles 15 water quality parameters which can affect fish performance.

January 30, 2019

New EWOS service, Water Checker, has been developed by Agua Dulce team with experts and customers. Water Checker aims to monitor and compile data on different water quality parameters in fish farms such as pH, alkalinity, heavy metals and others which can affect fish performance. Cargill seeks to offer a tool that allows its clients to plan and make better productive decisions.

Agua Dulce Cargill Feed Consultant, Andrés González, told Mundo Acuícola that the tool allows to measure more than 15 parameters having constant information in each farm facility, and being able to take corrective measures on time.

Cargill became interested by this project due to several issues related to water quality in fish farms and their relation to fish performance and well-being. The importance of constantly monitoring water quality parameters in fish farms to obtain better nutritional solutions and productive results has transformed into a new EWOS service for its customers.