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Salmofood aims for a fish-free salmon feed

The company is performing trials to reduce the use of fishmeal and fish oil with alternative raw materials such  as microalgae oil and insect meal.

Salmofood aims for a fish-free salmon feed
February 13, 2020

The development of microalgae-based ingredients rich in EPA and DHA and its large-scale production has allowed feed companies to replace fish oil in aquafeeds. Salmofood has been working on the incorporation of alternative sources of fatty acids and protein to reduce the use of marine ingredients in their feeds.

“We are performing several trials in our new experimental center such as digestibility of new raw materials and new feed additives tests. We want to increase the sustainability of the industry by testing new raw materials such as insect meal or microalgae oil to reduce the fishmeal and fish oil content in our diets,” said Salmofood food technology manager, Pablo Leyton.

The company aims to achieve a fish-free diet in 2020. "We already have a fishmeal-free diet utilizing alternative sources of Omega-3 such as microalgae oils," Leyton said. He added that the company expects to establish important links with the suppliers of these ingredients, as well as explore the possibilities offered by genetically-modified canola oil. “We know how to formulate fish oil-free salmon diets, but we had no sources of EPA and DHA. Now, there are several sources available such as microalgae oil," Leyton concluded.