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Skretting develops Coho aquafeeds for freshwater stage

The new feeds, whose formulation includes insect meal, address the challenges of Pacific salmon during the freshwater stage.

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Credits: Skretting
September 28, 2023

Skretting has developed Nutra Supreme Coho, a unique and exclusive nutritional solution that has been specially designed to address the challenges that Coho salmon face during their freshwater phase.

The production of Pacific salmon in Chile has increased significantly since 2017, given the efforts made by farmers to position this product in new markets other than Japan. This increase has created new needs for the Cohos' freshwater stage and Skretting has been busy developing specific solutions for these challenges.

Nutra Supreme Coho addresses the requirements presented by Coho pre-smolts and smolts. This nutritional development focuses on key aspects such as osmoprotection during seawater transfer, strengthening skin and scales, and the incorporation of new-generation emulsifiers that facilitate lipid metabolism and liver health, among other attributes related to fish health. Nutra Supreme Coho allows them to adequately face this critical transition stage and also promotes adequate conditioning towards the on-growing stage in the sea.

One of the notable aspects of Nutra Supreme Coho is that its formulation includes insect meal. This innovative ingredient has been shown to be highly beneficial to the health and growth of freshwater-stage Coho salmon.

“This year we decided to take a very important step both in sustainability and in the circular economy, viewing insect meal as an excellent alternative that provides high-value nutrients for our formulations. This ingredient is used today in all our freshwater diets and marks a very important milestone for Skretting since they are made from byproducts and used for the manufacturing of balanced fish feeds. The use of insect meal helps reduce dependence on other traditional sources of protein,” said Charles Booth, freshwater product manager at Skretting.

“Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable growth of the global aquaculture industry, providing innovative nutritional solutions that improve the health, performance and sustainability of fish,” Booth concluded.