North America

A new methane-to-protein plant to be built in Texas

Unibio and Core Protein initiate a project to construct protein production plant in Texas using Unibio’s technology.
August 22, 2019

Unibio and Core Protein LLC, a Texas-based company, partnered for the establishment of a protein production plant in the United States utilizing Unibio’s patented methane-to-protein fermentation technology.

The plant will be located in Texas at a site where the necessary infrastructure for such a project is already available. Site selection is ongoing. Several potential sites just outside of Houston have already been identified. The final decision will be made over the next couple of months.  The project is also backed by third-party investors.

“Uniprotein® is a sustainable feed ingredient that is critical in meeting the rising global demand for sustainable food production,” said Unibio Group CEO, Henrik Busch-Larsen. “We are delighted to partner up with Core Protein and the Texan stakeholders to launch the project in the United States. Texas seems to be the perfect place for a US home of Uniprotein® production and starting point for our venture into North America as Texas is not only the largest natural gas producer in the U.S. but also the largest wind energy producer. Furthermore, also from a protein market perspective, Texas is ideal as ambitions are high within the meat and aquaculture industry,” added Henrik Busch-Larsen.