North America

Alltech partnership to bring specialty feed to the North American market

A new collaboration with Corey Nutrition will bring specialty feed formulated in the Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre to the North American market to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency with specialty aquafeed.

Alltech partnership to bring specialty feed to the North American market
March 23, 2020

Alltech partner with aquafeed nutrition company Corey Nutrition to provide producers across North America with a new range of feed products. This collaboration will ensure aquaculture producers across America have access to innovative feed solutions that allow for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Together, Alltech and Corey Nutrition are committed to bringing quality and innovative products to the aquaculture market. Customers will gain from Alltech’s 40 years of research and development in novel nutritional technologies, combined with the aquatic expertise of Alltech Coppens Aqua Centre (ACAC) in formulating specialty fish feed. This, coupled with Corey Nutrition’s 38-year history in producing aquafeed for optimal nutrition and a quality manufacturing process, will ensure the American aquaculture producers have access to advanced nutritional solutions, backed by science., the companies said.

“We want to provide aquaculture producers in America the opportunity to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency from their feed, producing more nutritious fish for consumers,” said Alex Tsappis, aquaculture business manager, Alltech. “This partnership with local partner Corey Nutrition will deliver high-quality fish feed, using Alltech Coppens formulations to help farmers to achieve the best possible results.”

For farmers, Alltech products help to support immune function, improve performance and support feed efficiency to aid fish utilizing nutrients for maximum absorption, resulting in more robust fish. Backed by extensive research at the ACAC in the Netherlands, specialized feed formulations are shown to provide key nutrients to fish while improving water quality.

“We are excited about our new collaboration with Alltech,” said Lee Corey, founder and CEO of Corey Nutrition. “Corey’s long local history together with Alltech’s unique ingredient and aquafeeds nutrition research create a powerful partnership to better serve the nutritional needs of our fish farmers. Quality and efficiency are the most important elements when choosing an aquafeed supplier. We are creating enhanced aquafeeds produced to the highest quality to help farmers produce high-performing fish while maximizing their profitability. Like us, Alltech is a family-owned business. We have much in common, integrity and independence are part of our DNA.”

Together with Corey Nutrition, Alltech looks forward to producing new specialized aquafeeds to help producers in North America achieve high-performing results.