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Famsun introduces non-stop automatic screen change hammermill

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Famsun recently rolled out a robust, flexible and efficient grinding machine, FSBP700 Non-Stop Automatic Screen Change Hammermill. In addition to high capacity, low maintenance and reduced production cost, the new mill can process production orders of many specified recipes and feed ingredients from a wide range of resources without stopping the machine for frequent screen changeovers.

The new hammer mill features a non-stop automatic screen change system which consists of two screen holders, two slides for the screen holders to slide in or out of the chamber, and two cylinder-drive levers to ensure the automatic sliding of screen holders. With the automatic changing system, it is possible to change screens within two minutes. During the whole changeover course, the rotor keeps running and there is no starting and shut off time lost. In other words, it will save 30 minutes or more time than traditional manual screen changing. 

The non-stop automatic screen change system increases production efficiency and provides consistent quality and production with minimum time and energy loss. It is an ideal machine for aquafeed mills and pet food factories where the recipes must be regularly changed. The slide is designed with many troughs, from which the ground particles on it can be removed completely and make the screen holder move smoothly during the screen change process.

The new machine introduces several tooth plates at the inlet of the grinding chamber to pre-grind the grains in advance. The diameter of the grinding chamber is about 700 mm. With a rotation speed of 3,000 rpm, it can provide a maximum tip speed of 105 m/s for efficient grinding. 

For FAMSUN FSBP700 Non-Stop Automatic Screen Change Hammermill, a specially developed cyclone system is available in its airflow system to transport the correct ground particles quickly and efficiently while leaving minimum dust, residues and emissions. It helps to increase capacity, reduce energy consumption, and prevent contamination. In addition, various aspects of the machine have been amended to improve user-friendliness, operation efficiency, and production reliability. Many improvements together make an essential contribution to further increasing the production efficiency and capacity of the hammermill. 

Fish feed trial

A trial with a fish feed recipe made of 40% soybean meal, 30% rice bran, 5% fishmeal and some locally sourced and alternative raw materials with a partnering feed mill in Bangladesh showed that FAMSUN FSBP700 Non-Stop Automatic Screen Change Hammermill (250kW) can boost production capacity to over 13 t/h with screens of 1.0 mm holes. When changing production with 0.8 mm-hole screens, it also can achieve an output of over 11t/h.

More information here.


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