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The Alltech ONE World Tour brings international agri-food-industry leaders to Dublin

The Alltech ONE World Tour will continue after Dublin, with stops in Canada, the U.S., Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech, kicked off the Alltech ONE World Tour stop in Dublin, Ireland.
June 19, 2023

The second stop of the Alltech ONE World Tour (ONE), a series of international events bringing the ideas and inspiration of the annual Alltech ONE Conference to the world, opened today in Dublin, Ireland. The two-day event, held from June 19-20, convened more than 500 international agri-food leaders to discuss collaborative solutions and strategies for success in today’s agriculture and agri-food industries. The discussions fostered at ONE Dublin explore collaborative solutions to the greatest challenges facing the agri-food industry as it confronts the “4 Cs” — the major forces of climate, conflict, consumer trends and rising costs.

Mark Lyons, president and CEO of Alltech, welcomed delegates to Dublin and shared the stage with Vaughn Holder, director of ruminant research at Alltech, and Nikki Putnam Badding, registered dietician and director of human nutrition initiatives at Alltech, to discuss agriculture’s role in saving the planet.

“Agriculture can transform things in ways that other industries cannot and is at the interface of nourishing the present and preserving the future,” Lyons said. “We believe that agriculture has the greatest potential to positively influence the future of our planet, provide nutrition for all, help rural communities thrive and replenish our planet’s resources.”

Holder shared his insights on how animal agriculture can be part of the solution to improving sustainability. “Agriculture has gone from having the most important job in the world to having the two most important jobs: feed the world and reverse climate change,” said Holder. “We sit in a unique position as we can replenish our planet and provide nutrition for all.”

Additionally, Putnam Badding spoke about the crucial importance of making nutrition accessible to all. “Agriculture’s responsibility is to feed the world, but providing enough food is not enough, we must provide adequate nutrition,” said Putnam Badding. “The end goal is nutrition for all, and nutrition security requires all food sources.”

As ONE Dublin continues, delegates will hear from industry experts on various topics, including consumer demands, succeeding through conflict, and demonstrating the relationship between agriculture and sustainability for the world. They will also be able to attend focus-track sessions on soil and crops, animals, and the business of food and farming over the course of the two-day event.

The Alltech ONE World Tour will continue after ONE Dublin, with stops in Calgary, Canada, on July 3-4, and then on to the U.S., Asia, South America and the Middle East. For more information and to register for an Alltech ONE World Tour stop, visit