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Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition's AntaOx Aqua

Apr 5, 2018 — Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition released the new product AntaOx Aqua, a pure botanical feed additive with a unique ingredient combination and reliable source of flavonoid molecules. AntaOx Aqua is the first all-natural flavonoid-based feed additive whose effectiveness has been proven scientifically in shrimp trials. Several studies have demonstrated its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

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Geelen Counterflow's Electrical Dryer

Apr 5, 2018 — The new Geelen Countrflow Electrical Dryer recovers energy and water from the dryer exhaust and uses an electrical heatpump to boost back up the temperature of the drying air. The results are a net reduction of energy consumption for drying of up to 65%, recovery of water of up to 65%, significant reduction of exhaust odor, and significant reduction in carbon footprint.

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Van Beek Vertical Silo Mixer

Dec 14, 2017 — Van Beek has developed the vertical silo mixer for mixing and homogenizing free flowing, dry substances of different sizes and with different bulk densities. Using a silo as a mixing vessel gives a large mixing capacity and no residual product is left behind from a previous batch. The maximum diameter of the silo is 3.5 meters with a maximum capacity of 60-70 m3/hour.

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Geelen Counterflow's new energy-saving Electrical Dryer reduces carbon footprint

Dec 7, 2017 — Early in 2018, Geelen Counterflow will introduce its new generation of Electrical Dryers to the market. Following four years of development, the first Electrical Dryer for 10-12 tph extruded petfood will be built and delivered in 2018. Pilot line testing in 2016 showed that energy efficiency can be improved by up to 65%, to well below 1000 kJ per kg of evaporated water, compared to the typical 2700 kJ/kg for a counterflow dryer running on natural gas or steam. Official market launch of the Electrical Dryer will be during Victam Asia 2018

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Van Aarsen Ingredient Dosing Systems

Nov 24, 2017 — Van Aarsen International has released specialized Small, Micro, and Precision Ingredient Dosing systems to optimize the fine dosing process. These systems allow producers to accurately dose a large number of vitamins, minerals, and additives without any loss of quality, speed and production capacity.

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Cargill's Format Solutions introduces new iNDIGO software platform

Nov 15, 2017 — Cargill’s Format Solutions business has unveiled iNDIGO™, its new animal feed formulation software designed to calculate more precise feed and nutrient recommendations. iNDIGO offers a wide-range of features, including reviewing and editing nutrient data across multiple production sites and time periods, increasing accuracy of forward evaluations by reflecting the true variability in all data inputs, and leveraging a SQL database for better communication. “This new offering is part of our overall strategic approach to provide formulation, operations and digital nutrition technology solutions for our customers."

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Geelen Counterflow introduces the Continuous Dryer MkIII

Nov 2, 2017 — Geelen Counterflow has introduced the Continuous Dryer MkIII, an energy-saving drying concept that delivers improved drying performance. The product distribution system and counterflow heat exchange design have been completely redesigned and optimized, and the new system is equipped with a number of features which improve hygiene, convenience and speed. The Continuous Dryer MkIII is suitable for energy-efficient drying of extruded products across a capacity range from 1 to 10 tonnes per hour.

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Bühler Aeroglide introduces AeroPro Moisture Control

Aug 3, 2017 — Bühler Aeroglide has introduced AeroPro Moisture Control, a complete moisture control system that helps maintain a dryer temperature profile and minimize over drying. Microwave sensor technology, coupled with algorithms that are built on decades of drying experience deliver a comprehensive closed loop system for for automated dryer control.

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Fritsch to introduce new milling and sizing products at Powtech

Aug 3, 2017 — Germany-based laboratory and instrumentation company, Fritsch, is introducing a whole range of new milling and sizing products at the powder and bulk solids show, Powtech 2017. These include laboratory mills, sieve analysis, particle sizing and sample dividing, feeding and cleaning.

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Poeth announces new AirConveyor

Jul 26, 2017 — Poeth has designed its new AirConveyor specifically for companies that want to transport powders, pellets and granulates cost-effectively and efficiently. The system offers companies 75% less maintenance costs after approx. 3 years operating time and consumes 40% less energy. The air-supported conveying system is suitable for damage-free transportation of bulk goods over short or extremely long distances. The AirConveyor generates low noise emissions and is dust-tight. As a result, the new conveying system also has a minimum impact on the environment.

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Dinnissen is developing by a mix of innovations

Apr 13, 2017 — Dinnissen has broadened the deployability of its mixers, thanks to a mix of innovations. The mixers have been further improved in several areas, and, moreover, they explicitly consider the role of the mixer in the overall operation. That is why the validation of mixing processes have now been added to their service.

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Poeth introduces Z-Conveyor for the complete emptying of fine, light powders

Mar 16, 2017 — The new Z-Conveyor by Poeth was specially developed for the hygienic transport of light, fine powders in the vertical, diagonal or horizontal direction. The innovative transport system consists of plastic flights that move forward on a chain within an enclosed trough and at the unloading point “fall” gently out of the transport system.

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New system to control mass flows in screw conveyors

Jan 12, 2017 — Cooperation between Van Beek Schroeftransport and weighing specialist Penko Engineering has resulted in real time monitoring of how much product a screw is transporting. Users can, for example, decide how many grams of a particular material per minute may be supplied to the process. During operation, users can see the material speed (m/s), number of kg/s, how many kg have already been transported and the control of the flow regulation from 0 to 100 %.

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Prosol introduces Aqua-MOD at Eurotier 2016

Nov 17, 2016 — Prosol’s has introduced a new product for aquaculture species. Aqua-MOD™ is a source of nucleotides, nucleosides, oligo nucleotides, ribonucleic acids fragments, peptides, aminoacids and minerals. These nutrients represent a pool of active and beneficial ingredients for aquatic animals. Their synergic effect can enhance immune system response, growth performance and disease resistance.

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Cargill iQuatic shrimp feed for automated feeders

Oct 26, 2016 — Cargill has announced the development of iQuatic ™, a shrimp feed produced exclusively for automated feeders using acoustic technology. iQuatic ™ feed will be available in Central and South America over the next few months. Through this acoustic technology, the automatic feed dispensers use microphones to detect when shrimp are eating, enabling the sytem to deliver more precise amounts of food when shrimp are hungry. iQuatic ™ feed is designed and formulated with ingredients that help ensure that shrimp take in all the nutrients available in a pellet.

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New salmon feed: EWOS CLEAR for RAS

Oct 26, 2016 — EWOS CLEAR for RAS is a new salmon feed that takes into account many different factors behind optimum RAS operations. It is the result of extensive research at the Cargill Innovation Center (CIC) Norway, and commercial trials at one of the largest RAS facilities in Norway. During design of the feed, the focus was threefold: macronutrient balance (digestible protein & digestible energy); digestibility of the raw materials; and physical quality of the feed.

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Van Aarsen introduces new feeding device for its GD hammer mill to minimize explosion risk

Aug 25, 2016 — To further minimize explosion risk in the feed industry, Van Aarsen has introduced an innovative feeding device with an integrated heavy parts separator (also known as a “stone catcher”) for its GD hammer mill. The GD hammer mill with feeding device from Van Aarsen is also ATEX-certified. Van Aarsen will present the New Feeding Device during EuroTier 2016 in Hannover.

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Lallemand Animal Nutrition introduces YANG

Jul 13, 2016 — YANG®, or yeast association new generation, is a concentrate of yeast derivatives that support animals during stressful and challenging conditions such as weaning, feed transitions and sanitary challenges. YANG can be used in most feed production processes. Trials have been conducted in controlled facilities and in commercial farms showing beneficial effects in post-weaning piglets, shrimp and fish.

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Evonik adds L-valine to its amino acid portfolio for animal nutrition

Jun 15, 2016 — The addition of L-valine (ValAMINO®) allows for further reduction of crude protein content of feed without any loss of animal growth performance. “We are now able to offer customers the five key essential amino acids for animal nutrition from a single source–along with our wide range of services.\"

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Nutriad introduces MYCOMAN, a mobile app for mycotoxin management

Jun 15, 2016 — Linking mycotoxin analysis to instant recommendations on usage and dosage of mycotoxin deactivators is a challenging assignment that Nutriad is addressing with the new web application MYCOMAN®, currently available online for iOS-Apple and Android-Google-Microsoft. “The user friendly app will complement information obtained after mycotoxin analyses and will instantly help feed and animal producers to manage mycotoxins efficiently and effectively.”

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