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Trouw Nutrition unveils remote access and data logging services for feed mills

The new capabilities expand upon Selko’s earlier development of precision dosing and application equipment steering precision dosing decisions from the cloud.

Trouw Nutrition unveils remote access and data logging services for feed mills
February 4, 2022

Bringing a new level of precision to animal feed production, Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company, introduced remote data and logging capability services to its Selko Feed Additive solutions. The remote access and logging technology allow dosing engineers to monitor, troubleshoot and adjust product dosing during feed production 24/7 via “the cloud”. Product usage data and related metrics can help assure optimal inclusion levels are achieved for products and equipment that support feed hygiene, quality and moisture content throughout feed production. Accurate dosage and precise application of solutions throughout processing are essential for ensuring products deliver efficacy and a long-lasting effect. The remote capabilities expand upon Selko’s earlier development of precision dosing and application equipment.

The remote access and data logging capabilities come at a time when travel restrictions and efforts to promote social distancing have limited traditional site visits. Whereas a visit to the feed mill was traditionally required to ensure optimal dosing and application, the remote system allows dosing engineers to note deviations on volumes used during production and take proactive steps to mitigate the issue. The data can alert customer support team members to potential issues requiring resolution, such as a problem with equipment or process efficiency. The capabilities are available to any feed mill with an internet connection and are offered at no additional cost to Selko customers. Feed processing data that can be logged and accessed remotely includes general performance metrics, product inclusion levels throughout distinct phases of feed processing and stock control.  

“Remote access to dosage data is a significant advance in efficiently supporting customers’ feed production businesses, especially at this time of reduced travel,” said Jeffrey Huijsmans, global dosing manager for Selko Feed Additives. “Timely information allows us to proactively avoid problems and respond to any abnormal findings that show up in the data.”

Currently, all systems containing Program Logic Control (PLC), which are operated using a touch screen user interface, can be connected to a cloud-based platform. Data is synchronized to the platform. Feed processors, dosing engineers and support teams can connect remotely and view real-time data on inclusion rates. Once exported, the data can generate reports on the performance of equipment and comparison of volumes utilized compared to forecasts. 

The commercialization of this offering follows several successful pilots completed with Trouw Nutrition’s feed processing businesses and independent feed mills. “Customers appreciated that these capabilities offer an additional level of insurance to safeguard and improve feed production processes,” said Huijsmans. The service is an expansion of the solutions offered within Selko’s Feed Processing & Quality program.


Figure 1. This data logging dashboard shows some of the data that can be accessed 24/7 to drive decisions during feed production.