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Cargill shares Coho salmon results in Chile

The company gave special recognition to Salmones Aysén and Cooke Aquaculture for having achieved the best growth in Coho Salmon. 

Cargill shares Coho salmon results in Chile
Huito center, Salmones Aysén.
June 1, 2021

Last December, Cargill recognized one of its clients for outstanding results for Atlantic salmon. Now, after the Coho salmon harvests, the company highlighted the performance of two Salmones Aysén and Cooke Aquaculture centers. These are the Huito de Salmones Aysén Center with an accumulated FCR of 0.97 in the centers without photoperiod, and the Cooke Aquaculture Ballenas 4 Center, which used photoperiod and obtained a FCR of 1.03. These results are not only the best EWOS powered centers but also within the entire industry, the company reported. 

Salmones Aysén: Coho without photoperiod and antibiotics 

Thanks to the work of the entire team, and using the EWOS Ginzake HG diet, the Huito Center reached 4 kilos in 8.32 months and achieved fish 100% free of antibiotics, which is part of the objectives of Salmones Aysén.   

“Fish had an excellent performance thanks to the teamwork of Salmones Aysén, with a clear and efficient production guideline, together with a planned nutritional strategy according to the proposed challenges. The use of functional diets allowed us not only to have excellent production results and quality in the plant but also for the second consecutive year not using antibiotics,” said Cristóbal Cabrera, Cargill feed consultant for this center. 

Salmones Aysén highlighted that 2020 was a very difficult year globally as a result of the pandemic and also, in particular, for the industry. “It has been a great challenge to be able to maintain standards and control over our operations. Thanks to the effort and commitment of all our workers, we have been able to carry out this difficult task. This time, the recognition is for our Huito center that did an excellent cycle, with very good productive and sanitary results and with fish 100% free of antibiotics, which is part of the objectives of Salmones Aysén. The good results in this center are mainly based on the strategy generated in conjunction with our feed supplier, using functional diets and the broad portfolio that adapts to the challenges of each stage,” said Oscar Barraza, production manager of Salmones Aysén. 

Cooke Aquaculture: with photoperiod 

Ballenas 4 center of Cooke Aquaculture achieved a harvest weight of 5.1 kg in 9.57 months with an FCRb of 1.03, using photoperiod and the Ginzake HG diet.   

“Even though fish were in the water for longer than budgeted, the diet performed well and the feeding strategy applied after 3.5 kg was adjusted to our recommendations. The use of functional diets helped control jaundice,” said Juan Carlos Vera, feed consultant at Cargill.

Hugo Contreras, general manager of Cargill in Chile, concluded that “it is an honor for us to be able to serve clients such as Salmones Aysén and Cooke Aquaculture, who we consider experts in Coho salmon. Our Ginzake diets have been specially designed for high performance, and this added to the preponderant role that production teams have, allowing these sustained results over time and is why we wanted to recognize them, as is traditional for their good results.” 






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Photo caption:  Huito center, Salmones Aysén.