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Skretting Chile shares salmon results for 2019 season

With more than 17 million coho salmon and 28 million Atlantic salmon harvested, the company reached FCRs close to 1.0 when utilizing its functional and high-energy diets.

Skretting Chile shares salmon results for 2019 season
April 15, 2020

Skretting Chile shared the 2019 season results for Pacific and Atlantic salmon fed on its diets.

Pacific salmon

Over 17 million of harvested Pacific salmon with an average weight of 3,850 kg and an FCRb conversion factor of 1.02 show that high-energy feeding strategies are the best option for on-growing, the company said.

"During this season we had 100% utilization of functional diets and 93% of high-energy diets, which makes us think that the right feeding strategy is the one that takes care of fish against the challenges inherent during the on-growing stage and, in addition, delivers high protein and high lipid feeds specially designed to obtain more robust, healthy and tasty fish," said Roberto Wehrt, head of seawater technical assistance at Skretting Chile.

The results also highlight low mortality and biomass loss. Check out the results for coho salmon here.

Atlantic salmon

During 2019, Skretting Chile fed more than 28 million Atlantic salmon. The results show an important use of high-energy diets, which was reflected in better harvest weights in less cultivation time.

“During the last season, we continued to consolidate our results in the production of Atlantic salmon, and high-performance diets with a 90% utilization in the on-growing stage were part of this important improvement. This has allowed us to harvest fish with higher average weights in shorter culture times, complemented by a good feed efficiency, with a significant number of farms with FCR less than 1.10 and some others with values ​​close to 1.0,” Marcelo Abarzúa, commercial manager at Skretting Chile.

Check out here the results for Atlantic salmon.