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Zhengchang acquires Equipar

The acquisition aims to expand Zhengchang’s international business and increase its international influence.

Zhengchang acquires Equipar
September 10, 2020

Zhengchang acquired Equipar, the largest feed equipment manufacturer in South America. The acquisition aims to better serve Brazilian customers and the huge South American market, expanding Zhengchang’s international business and increasing its international influence.

“In 2014, Zhengchang established Zhengchang’s Brazil branch. After years of high-quality services, continuous adaptation and adjustment to the Brazilian market environment, stable and reliable equipment and system solutions have helped many customers achieve good results in South America and Zhengchang has gradually won the trust of many customers,” the company said.

Equipar has 40 years of experience in the production of feed equipment and a high reputation and influence in Brazil and South America. The company operates two major business segments. The largest one is the production of feed equipment, being the largest producer of grain machinery in South America. The company also produces special equipment related to pressure vessels.