New Products

  • Kemin launches LYSOFORTE Liquid bio-surfactant

    Kemin has announced the launch of LYSOFORTE® Liquid, a bio-surfactant, which revolutionizes the application process by directly dosing the bio-surfactant into the oil and fat application line. The product has been launched in Europe, Middle East, India and in a number of markets in Asia, and will launch in additional countries upon registration.

  • Borregaard launches pelleting aid Intact Aqua in Asia

    Borregaard LignoTech has launched a new pelleting aid for the aqua feed sector in Asia. Intact Aqua, a combined processing aid and pellet binder, has been developed and optimized to assure both optimum water stability and stable operating conditions. When added to the shrimp feed formulation Intact Aqua will lower the energy consumption, which enables the shrimp feed producer to reach the desired conditioning temperature and increase the production rate.
  • TerraVia and Bunge launch AlgaPrime DHA for aquafeed

    TerraVia, Inc. and Bunge Limited announced today that they are launching native, whole algae DHA as a sustainable specialty feed ingredient, prioritizing the aquaculture market, which currently uses approximately $3B in omega-3 ingredients. DHA, docosahexaenoic acid, is a long chain omega-3 fatty acid that is a critical element for humans and animals, including fish, for healthy growth and development.

  • High bioavailability of perfect mineral chelates

    Perfect Mineral Chelates' high bioavailability means they are an excellent ingredient in aquafeed.

  • Calibrin-Z gains 50% market share for shrimp EMS challenge in Mexico during introductory year

    Fifty percent of shrimp feed produced in Mexico in 2015 contained Calibrin-Z to fight the damaging effects of Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) with positive feedback given by current customers. The Calibrin-Z market penetration rate was significant as the product was introduced to the Mexican market just months earlier.

  • EFSA considers RONOZYME HiPhos (6-phytase) safe as a feed additive for fish

    RONOZYME® HiPhos (DSM) is a preparation of 6-phytase produced by a genetically modified strain of Aspergillus oryzae which is authorized in the EU for use in poultry and pigs. The applicant requested a new use of the product as a feed additive for fish

  • Lallemand Animal Nutrition new solution: YANG

    Lallemand Animal Nutrition new solution: YANG

    Lallemand Animal Nutrition has launched a new solution for livestock producers: YANG®, the yeast association new generation*.Trials have been conducted in controlled facilities and in commercial farms showing beneficial effects in species including shrimp and fish.

  • Nutriad developing Mycotoxin Rapid Test Kit

    Belgium based feed additive specialist Nutriad and Ghent University have been working for two years on a project developing a prototype rapid test kit for mycotoxins.
  • Bionetix International launches new feed additive

    Aqua-feed, a new, natural feed additive launched by Bionetix International, claims to reduce the incidence of disease and mortality in shrimp, fish and other aquatic species, whilst improving weight gain.
  • Bulk density and moisture measurement together

    Bulk density and moisture values are essential to know after both extrusion and drying of aquatic feeds. Now you can measure them at the same time.

  • Dumatec 8000 : New innovative approach to Dumas nitrogen analysis

    The Dumatec™ 8000 is among several analytical solutions recently added to the FOSS product portfolio. It offers a number of innovative features that makes the method simpler and faster for busy laboratories. Instantaneous analysis of all nitrogen resulting from the test procedure gives reliable Dumas measurements within three minutes.

  • Dinnissen Process Technology Develops New Software for Faster, More Energy Efficiently Mixing Processes

    Dinnissen has introduced an important software update to its Smart Mixing software tool that improves speed and energy efficiency in the mixing process, as well as the prevention of sparking and ignition hazards
  • New MicroNIR Samples Pigment and Fat in Live Fish

    EWOS Innovation is developing a new method that makes sampling of pigment and fat on live Atlantic salmon possible within seconds - without sacrificing the salmon.
  • New Extru-Tech Aseptic Dual Preconditioner Introduced

    Extru-Tech, Inc. says it didn’t take the designation lightly when it released its new Advanced Feature Aseptic Dual Preconditioner (ADP) as a replacement for its Dual Shaft Conditioning Cylinder. Technically, “aseptic” is defined as sterile, which, in turn, calls for a complete pathogen kill. To that end, Extru-Tech offers a proven scientific validation that the new ADP can sterilize the product prior to its discharge from the preconditioner, and can be cleaned/sanitized through validated SSOPs.
  • Extru-Tech Introduces Advanced Batch Coating Technology

    With breakthrough capacities up to 40,000 pounds per hour, depending upon the formula and product, Extru-Tech, Inc. is literally redefining product coating through continuous batch coating technology bringing new levels of coating accuracy, safety and volume to the market.
  • Feeding trials validate new feed ingredient

    Menon Renewable Products, Inc., a sustainable biomass conversion company that converts low-value organic feedstocks to high value products using its CelTherm? process, announced that MrFeed?, Menon\'s renewable feed product, demonstrated comparable growth and survivability to standard feeds in independent fish trials
  • No need to bake your aquafeed to dry it

    Insta-Pro’s new Medium Shear Extruder allows for the production of dry, shaped feed and food products – especially targeting high-quality manufacturers of dry pet food and fish feed for aquaculture
  • Brill Formulation 2.5 improves formulation efficiency and accuracy

    An enhanced version of Brill® Formulation, Feed Management Systems, Inc. (FMS)'s feed formulation software, which includes dozens of new capabilities that leading feed manufacturers say will improve their production efficiency and accuracy, has been released worldwide.

  • New medium shear extruder offers new and more cost effective way to make high quality aquafeed and pet food

    Insta-Pro International (Insta-Pro) has unveiled a new medium shear extruder, which they say finally answers the market's demand for a low cost extrusion solution that effectively produces pet and fish feeds of high quality equal to that of higher cost extrusion systems. This new medium shear extruder features the ability to use variety of ingredients at up to twice the capacity of high shear extruders that provides pellets as small as 2mm

  • Highly ruminant-specific Real Time PCR analysis method

    TNO Triskelion offers a highly ruminant-specific RT-PCR method which has been validated in European ring-trials. Currently this method is the only approved method for ruminant testing in Europe

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